Latest Global LGBTI News

Alexandria Police Arrest 9 Men for Homosexuality

The Dekheila Prosecution in Alexandria arrested 9 men on Monday, who were believed to be engaging in “debauchery” and homosexual activity, after the Head of the Alexandria Security Directorate, Mustafa al-Nimr,...

Jamaica on Alert for Anti-gay Pastor's Visit

Jamaican officials are facing international pressure to either block or monitor an anti-gay American pastor who plans to visit the Caribbean island country later this month. Pastor Steven Anderson of...

Japanese Dictionary’s Definition of 'LGBTI' Draws Criticism for Inaccuracy on the 'T' Part

Following the release of its first edition in 1955, publisher Iwanami Shoten’s Kojien has become one of the most respected and widely used dictionaries in Japan. Since 1998,...

LGBTI People are Battling Bias Even When They’re Ordering Lunch, Study Shows

A new report has revealed that LGBTi people are suffering from bias and discrimination even in the minutiae of their daily routines in the United...

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